North Franklin Expansion

Our North Franklin location has been under construction for the last couple months and is finally complete. With this expansion our clinic is doubling in size, which means we're adding providers! The grand opening of the newly expanded clinic is tomorrow, September 8.

With this new space several of our doctors from the Cool Springs office will be rotating days over to the North Franklin location. Dr. Karlekar will be working every Tuesday, Dr. Thorley will be working every Thursday, and Dr. Edmondson will be working two Fridays a month. We've also added 2 full time primary care nurse practitioners, Kristine Izzi and Macy Nelms. To schedule an appointment or for more information about which provider will be at North Franklin, please call our scheduling department at Cool Springs (615)376-8195 or North Franklin (615)435-3854.

Asia Hodgeman

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