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Holiday Gatherings and Social Distancing

What will your holidays look like this year? Whether you plan to stay home with immediate family or go to small family gatherings, we have you covered with some helpful tips. Read more here.

Dec 4th, 2020
Lung Cancer Awareness

Do you or someone you know have lung cancer? The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 228,820 new cases of lung cancer this year and approximately 80% of those are thought to be the result of smoking. Click here for more information.

Nov 27th, 2020
November Provider Newsletter

Learn more about maintaining a healthy weight from our Cool Springs primary care nurse practitioner, Lauren James, FNP-C. Lauren talks about obesity and the side effects in can have on your health, as well as some tricks to diet and exercise.

Nov 16th, 2020
High Blood Pressure

Did you know having unmanaged high blood pressure can cause serious health problems? Click the link to read more.

Nov 12th, 2020
Holiday Stress

The holidays can bring on additional stress for many people. Click here to find some tips to help manage your stress this holiday season.

Nov 5th, 2020
Drowsy Teen Driving

Did you know a teen’s crash risk increases with 6 or fewer hours of sleep? Click here to learn more.

Oct 27th, 2020
Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Sleep is a basic necessity some people may overlook. Click here to learn more about the importance of a good night's sleep and healthy habits to help you.

Oct 22nd, 2020
Stroke Causes

Learn more about how to reduce your risk of stroke by clicking here.

Oct 18th, 2020
COVID vs. The Flu

Learn more about the differences in COVID and the Flu from our North Franklin primary care nurse practitioner, Macy Nelms, FNP-BC. Macy outlines some key differences in symptoms between the two, as well as how to treat both and when to seek medical care.

Oct 14th, 2020
Caffeine and Headaches

The balance of too much vs not enough, can be a real struggle for some people when it comes to caffeine. Click here to learn more about how caffeine can effect headaches.

Oct 12th, 2020
Breast Cancer Screenings

The lifetime risk of a woman in the U.S. developing breast cancer is 1 in 8. Learn more about what steps you can take to reduce your risk.

Oct 6th, 2020
September Provider Newsletter

What do you know about Diabetes? Take a crash course with one of our North Franklin primary care nurse practitioners, Kristine Izzi, FNP-C. Fun Fact: Kristine is a type 1 diabetic, so she knows a lot about this subject!

Sep 25th, 2020
Provider Newsletter

Flu vaccines are especially important this year. Learn more from Dr. Thorley about why you should get yours.

Aug 31st, 2020
Aging and Medications

Did you know as you age medications can effect your body in different ways? Click here to find out how you can help your provider manage your medications.

Sep 22nd, 2020
National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. Read more to find out how you can be better prepared in the event of a natural disaster.

Sep 18th, 2020
Alzheimer's Support

Need help finding an Alzheimer's Support group? We're here for you. Click the link to get more information.

Sep 15th, 2020
Healthy Living

Having a healthy lifestyle is important for many reasons. Click to find out why.

Sep 10th, 2020
Flu Shot Clinic

This year we will be holding flu shot clinics, rather than allowing patients to walk in any time. Click here for more information about flu shot availability for 2020.

Aug 18th, 2020
Back to School Stress

People experience stress in different ways, but learning to overcome it is key. Don't let the back to school blues get you down!

Aug 17th, 2020